Tidal currents in open seas contain enormous amount of energy. This energy is currently mainly extracted in ocean areas where the currents are high. For example, at the narrow sea between two countries such as the Atlantic coasts of the United Kingdom (Wales, Scotland), France (West Normandy), or bij Canada.

In contrast to the situation with Blue Barriers, there is a lot of physical space allowing the installation of (very) large free-flow turbines. These turbines are now mainly developed and demonstrated in France and the United Kingdom. However, alternative technologies and solutions are emerging at a rapid pace.

Offshore projects are difficult to access and require the use of specialist vessels and equipment, making installation and maintenance very expensive. As a result, only highly developed and sturdy turbines and systems that are failsafe are eligible for this application.

Blue Ocean Energy has the maritime expertise and hands-on experience to develop such projects. From scouting technologies and project locations, verification & validation of relevant technologies, reliable feasibility analyses including extensive risk analyses, up to and including closing business cases.